HR Guidelines

Formal rules and procedures to set common grounds

With the start of new year i.e 2020 we redefined our HR guidelines with fresh & modern perspective. Few of the objective which we kept in our mind while reframing the HR guidelines are as below:

  • To promote Result-oriented work environment
  • To Unlink salary deduction from non-performance & attendance
  • To make team members focus on
  • work instead of worrying about work timings.
  • Flexibility to work at any hour of the day for team members whose function permits that.

Before we dive into the HR Guidelines (Generally addressed as HR policies), let’s understand how we operate in general at IKIGAI.

We follow the OKR (Objectives & Key Results) methodology as a management style at Ikigai. We write an organization’s goal (in an OKR format) for the year and we split (slice) it down till individual/team level OKRs. We believe in a result based work environment (ROWE).

In a ROWE, each team member is 100% accountable and 100% autonomous. In a ROWE, no results = no job. It’s the workplace for adults. And it doesn’t discriminate. In a ROWE, accountability to measurable results is the only thing that is relevant and is non-negotiable.

What will be the office hours, working days?

We do not believe in an office hour concept. Every individual decides what time works best for him. Ikigai HQ is open all weekdays. One can work at the time he/she is comfortable working.

Do you have 5-days a week culture?

We have something better than 5 days or 6 days a week culture. Instead of keeping strict time limits on every working day, we have kept it all open and flexible. As mentioned earlier, we strongly believe in results and not in the working days or timings. To explain it in a simple way, the standard working hours we follow are 176 hours a month. We get freedom to decide which hour and which day I work.

Do you allow remote work?

Yes, Team members are allowed to do remote work. It’s just that your work must allow you to do it that way.

What if I am feeling sick or not healthy enough to work?

All team members are entitled to 12 paid leaves every year. You can utilize those leaves.

What if I get an unexpected guest and I need to be with them?

All team members are entitled to the 12 paid leaves every year. You can take a leave on that day.

How many holidays do I get in a year?

Everyone at Ikigai are entitled to 9 paid festival leave. Its totally on you which festival you want to celebrate and which one you want to work. If you are celebrating a festival, you can take a festival leave on that day.

What if I am expecting a child?

Maternity Leave of 6 months (Unpaid Leaves) can be availed by female team members. Basic Salary of 2 months would be awarded as a bonus. 1-month Basic Salary as a bonus in the first month of rejoining after leave plan. 1-month Basic Salary as a bonus after completion of 6 months after rejoining.

When should I expect an increment in my pay?

To encourage the performance of the deserving team members, we have an increment policy. After careful analysis, each team member has to fill up a self-appraisal form which should be revalued by the HOD of the concerned department to award increments to the team members. This will be applicable to those team members who complete 12 months of service with the organization.

What documents do I need to submit while joining?

During the joining, A newly joined team member has to submit the following documents.

  • Relieving letter (NA if no prior experience)
  • Experience letter (NA if no prior experience)
  • Copy of last three month’s salary slip (NA if no prior experience)
  • Two recent passport size photographs
  • Bank account details. i.e Account name, Bank Account Number, IFSC Code
  • Copy of address proof & Identity Proof (e.g. Passport, Driving license, Electricity/Telephone Bill, PAN card, Election Card etc.)

Original copy has to be submitted to HR for verification. You can take it back later on no need to keep it submitted. Scanned Copy has to be uploaded in the HRMS Software.

Few things newly joined team members need to know?

  • You will be issued an appointment letter within a period of 3 days to your joining.
  • You will be given a username and password for accessing software needed for your profile by the HR personnel.

A newly joined team member to know the core values we follow at Ikigai Infotech LLP

How secure is it to work at Ikigai?

It’s been more than 10 years since our founders have been into the Information technology business. We celebrated the 4th anniversary of SalesHandy last year with more than 2k paid users of SalesHandy. SalesHandy is Ikigai’s first and flagship product as of now. Very soon, Ikigai will be having one more baby product in the SaaS space. Being an Ikigaian, we believe in value creation with calmness. We avoid VC funds with a mindset that our customer should fund our growth/business. We have successfully bootstrapped our first product; SalesHandy. Now, your salaries are paid by our customers i.e your work pays you.

What’s a payday for Ikigaians?

Every team member gets paid latest by the 7th day of the month. It is our utmost priority that the payday is never shifted from 7th to 8th day. We understand that many team members do have loans and other installments planned to be deducted on the 9th or 10th day.

When someone is asked to leave?

Initial 6 months is treated as a probation period for any new joiners, during which the team member is being evaluated as a suitable fit for the position and the company. The new team member will be given consistent feedback and coaching to learn their new job and improve during the probationary period. At the end of the probation period (or possibly before that), the reporting manager will determine if the team member should be retained in the organization. This decision will be made by appraising the following criteria:

  • The skills, competencies, and knowledge of the team member on the job
  • The team member’s progress on given assignments
  • Their reliability, trustworthiness and other relevant personality characteristics of the team member
  • The team member’s relations and collaboration with subordinates, supervisors, and peers

Their progress will be documented whenever possible, and the decision to retain them will be at the supervisor’s discretion. If the situation where the reporting manager requires an extension to evaluate the performance of new team members, the probationary period can be extended to 1-2 more months. Permanent team members When a team member has completed their initial probationary period, they are granted permanent employment status. Once the team member is considered permanent in case of resignation, the team member has to serve the notice period of 4 weeks. Same way if the team member’s performance has been low consistently and not suitable for the organization, the team member gets a notice of 4 weeks to look for another opportunity. Termination Dismissal during the probationary period. If the team member is deemed unsuitable while on a probationary period, they may be terminated without the minimum prior notice. The termination of employment during this period may be for cause or without cause depending on the circumstances and the individual’s evaluation. Team members may still have to be dismissed/terminated for various reasons (mostly misconduct or core values breach), after the end of the probationary period. In such a case, permanent team members will not be given a chance to serve the notice period.

What happens at the time of exit?

The exiting team member must submit his/her resignation in an email. The resignation must be approved by the Supervisor to whom he/she is tagged. The resigned team member will be released from the services of the company only after the last working day has been approved by the respective Supervisor and on completion of the exit formalities. The notice period applicable to all team members is 60 days. No team member can apply for leaves during the notice period. If a team member is taking leave in this duration, the notice period can be extended depending on the number of leaves taken by the team member. The full and final settlement i.e. the dues pending from the company to the team member will be credited to team member’s salary account within 30 days of the date of completion of the exit clearance formalities.

Team members leaving without intimation / leaving without settling dues

For any team member who is on unauthorized absence for a period of 10 calendar days, salary, expenses, and allowance will be withheld on receipt of notification from the concerned department. Such an team member will be sent a show cause notices advising to report for work within a stipulated period of time from the receipt of the notice to the last known address/permanent address or email or phone call. In case the team member fails to report he/she would be declared absconder forthwith, and his / her services with the company will be terminated. Further, access privileges would be withdrawn with immediate effect. This will include terminating e-mail access and withdrawal of access to Company premises. The termination letter will be sent to the last known email address of the team member informing that his/her services have been terminated and that he/she should clear his/her dues. The salary account of the exited team member will continue to remain active even after the full and final settlement is completed. However, the benefits associated with a corporate account will be withdrawn and the account will be converted to a personal savings account. Relieving letter and work experience certificate will be given to the team member at the close of business hours of his/her last day with the Company, provided the exit clearances are completed and outstanding dues towards IKIGAI INFOTECH LLP are settled. The letters will be issued by the HR team on verification of completion of exit clearances including payment of any outstanding dues to the company and exit interview. No relieving letter will be issued in cases where the company has issued a termination letter.


Any act of indiscipline / misconduct / holding the company to ransom / creating union / any / unprofessional behavior in the organization cannot be tolerated by the company and can attract termination and immediate dismissal without any notice, costs or benefits.