Don't work just for paychecks, work to make a difference

Fuel your career by your passion for creating delightful experiences that people love. Our culture of continuous learning and improvement will keep you engaged, challenged, and constantly growing.

Impact on life
Work Culture

Ikigai’s lean team operates and caters to a large audience of customers. With the open environment, you will have an opportunity to create a huge impact on the people YOU work WITH and people WE work FOR. With a focus on empathy, accountability, and ownership everyone is a leader here— you will be our next leader.

As most of the team is remote, you are free to work whenever you are most productive and effective. No one is immune to making mistakes — you are free to make every single day. Just don’t stop — learn, grow, and evolve with a trial and error process.

Our core value is growth. A growth that isn’t limited to a new feature we launch, the numbers of new customers we acquire, or getting an award. It’s more about the value you create to accomplish an organization’s mission and of course your long-term vision.

Perks and Benefits

ROWE (Result Oriented Work Environment)

We believe in innovations & deliverables instead of micromanagement.

Remote First

Until you have a wifi and laptop — work from anywhere

Young and geographically distributed team

We have team members working remotely across India

Personal Development

An annual budget for books, courses, and conferences

Medical Insurance

We offer health insurance for all employees— Heal faster without worrying about growing medical expenses.

Guaranteed Annual Pay Review

Everyone at Ikigai receives annual pay reviews to update their salary for market rate changes and inflation.

Competitive Salary

We pay the best salary in the market depending on the knowledge, skill, and experience

Annual team retreats

To boost the energy of the entire team we go for an annual retreat — you will decide the place

All the tech you need

We pay for whatever hardware and software you need to work and make sure you are regularly upgraded to the latest versions.

9 Reasons To Work With Us

Feel free to grow

Over the course of your career, your goals may shift. Want to change your focus? Switch tracks? We’re here to help.

Awesome People

One of the things employees say they like best about working here? Our people! They’re smart, friendly, talented, hardworking and committed to doing great work. Sound like you?

Your values are our values

We’re guided by seven core values: honesty, boldness, trust, freedom, team spirit, modesty, and fun. If you share those values, then you’ll find your place with us.

Flexibility to perform

SalesHandy provides you with the flexibility to structure your work in ways that meet our expectations for high performance while allowing time to enjoy and enrich your life.

Never stop learning

At the SalesHandy, you’ll learn via virtual courses, e-learning modules, and rich-media online resources.

Count on us for career growth

We’re always growing and so should you. We prioritize the personal development of our team members with the organization’s growth.

Strike a balance that works for you

You’re human—and so are we! We strive to make sure our teammate achieves a healthy, happy work-life balance.

Recognizable Brands

We work with many of the top brands in the world. Does that make us hip by association? Probably not. But it does make us proud. And we bet it’ll make you proud, too!

We do work that matters

At SalesHandy, your work matters and has the potential to change the world. Take a look at some of the achievements we’ve been a part of – and how our customers, products, and people work together to advance the world for good.

Folks who worked with us loves us!

I am a founding team member at Saleshandy and I am proud of that. I've grown myself in every direction and I'm happily associated with them for the last 4 years now.

One thing I like most about the org is the bottom-up approach where the team members and the leaders decide their team's goals.


The flexibility, freedom, and growth opportunities at ikigai are unmatchable. At SalesHandy, your hard work and efforts never go unnoticed because you're rewarded adequately for everything you have given to the company.

Working here for more than two years, I can proudly say, I am way more skillful and productive than I was when I joined SalesHandy. I consider myself a lucky one to be in such a company. 😊


I joined SalesHandy as an Account Executive and currently I Head the Sales Team of SalesHandy. This growth happened in 2 years. Is this enough for SalesHandy to be termed as a rocket ship?

Culture here demands constant learning, may it be watching seminars or reading books. You are always appreciated for learning and taking that project leap (We also have a learning bonus! How cool is that?).

Personal Growth

At Ikigai, an individual’s growth matters. The work environment demands everyone to learn and grow together with the overall organizational growth.

We believe in taking baby steps to get 1% better every single day. With constant learning and an unlearning environment, one becomes an intrapreneur or one in making.

Challenging responsibilities direct your career towards ensuring growth! The more you experiment, the more you learn. With us, you will have to worry less, smile more. Don’t regret, just learn and grow — it’s mandatory.

From college dropout –> product manager


Do meaningful work, consistently

We use our time in doing the thing that moves your customers and company forward.
We strive for 1% improvement every day.
We reflect — we reflect every day to ensure we do meaningful work. We optimize and prioritize out time for real work.

Slow, steady, and long term growth

We prefer long term growth over short term victories
We bare short term losses for the long term gains
We let compounding do the magic
We believe in “You don’t have to be crazy at work”

Integrity, trust & respect

Integrity & trust comes first — with customers & team
We say no to “Growth at any cost”
We believe in authentic efforts

We are makers! We believe in craftsmanship!

We love creation, deep work
We encourage original thoughts & innovation 
We don’t work for paychecks, we work to deliver value
We hone our skills
We correct the mistake even when no one would notice

We believe in ikigai! We live ikigai!

We know what we love — we live in awareness 
We enjoy our work, we take pride in our work
We at ikigai are the practitioners of ikigai!
We believe in Work-life integration over work-life balance
Impact on Life

A 360-degree open environment empowers you to discover your ability to reach your full potential — not just in work but in your personal life too.

A group of great leaders working together will empower the leader within you. You get a system and process to work that aligns your business and personal goals.

At Ikigai we emphasize learning not just the core skill, but to gain knowledge that helps you in all walks of life.

We experiment more, with no fear of failure, and start to live more. Grinding in the nature of success and failure will help you achieve your long term goals.

The flexibility to work anytime gives you the freedom to have a great work-life balance.

An inside look at Ikigai

Top companies & startups trusts us

Join us on our journey in building world-class products alongside some of the youngest and smartest professionals in the industry. Work on the biggest, brightest, and the most impactful ideas .